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Me and My Teddy® / Craft Workshop

Have your very own Build-A-Bear Party!
A professional crafter will come to your event with a bear for each child.
They choose it, they stuff it, they fill out an Angel Bear Wish, close it up
(Velcro so even the young children can participate)and give their new friend a name.

Each Bear comes with a T-shirt and Birth Certificate that they will get to take home and cherish.

Additional outfits can be purchased, price will vary to the outfit.

So Many to Choose From!!

How about a special outfit for your birthday child?

Planning a corporate party? Need something for the kids to do?

Let us put together a crafting afternoon for you with different crafts at
different sections, complete with storytime.

Crafts can be catered to the seasons for maximum fun!
Some ideas could be:
Paint a T-shirt
Painting ceramics
Painting Trinket boxes
Colouring a giant jigsaw puzzle (which you may keep as art)
Pipe Cleaner Creatures . . .
the possibilities are ENDLESS!

Did you know ... Theodore "Teddy" Roosvelt, the 26th President of the United States refused to shoot a tied bear on a hunting expedition in 1902.

From the event a famous journalist drew a cartoon showing a bear on a rope. A shop keeper began selling similar looking stuffed bears, naming them the "Teddy Bear".

Panning For Gold With Brushy Bill

*Learn the history of the gold pan.
*Hear a story or two of the old gold rush days.
*Learn to use the Pan, Snuffer bottle and other panning accessories.
*Learn where to go panning for gold.
*Learn Alberta History
*Get you hands wet with Brushy Bills Gold Nugget Panning Tub.
(Need a water source at venue to fill tub)

This is an interactive, educational and fun hands on event for children of all ages.

**Trade Your Nuggets for a pick in the prize Chest.

(Please let us know ahead of time the approx amount of children)

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