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Realistic, Life Size, Animated Puppets!


Zeek is our new animated, life size, mechanical puppet.
He has the ability to move his arm, head, eyes AND speaks when you do ... with mouth movement!!!
You can also listen as people speak to Zeek and respond to them!!!!

Perfect for trade shows, fairs, seminars ... anything that you want to attract allot of attention to.
Zeek is available in a wide variety of costuming from Cowboy to Santa!.
Zeek as Santa
Doe, a Deer

Doe is motion activated with 12 sayings and 6 songs. His head moves up and down, from side to side, and his ears even twitch.
His mouth moves in synchronized motion with
whatever he may be saying or singing.

For even more fun, Doe includes a remote and wireless microphone. You be his voice and surprise your friends!!
He measures 31"H x 21"W x 21"D and is made of vinyl and resin. Stamped or Christmas, Doe can do it all!
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