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Birthday's, Anniversary's, Stag's, Stagette's, "I'm Sorry's", Retirements
Anytime is perfect for a
Singing Telegram
Would you like to see a singing telegram in action?
Just click on Marilyns image!!

Some notes for you to be in on this singing telegram: He had 2 nicknames Pretty boy Harris and McGuyer, one of his favorite past times is scuba diving, he is a mechanic instructor and he never seems to take his goggles off. Video is used with permission for your amusement!
Marilyn Monroe

All singing telegrams are done in good taste and humor. We pride ourselves on providing entertainment that the whole family can see.

The long lost daughter, son, girlfriend, boyfriend,
admirer or biggest fan! You can't go wrong having
this character invade their day!

There is no escaping these nerds and hiding under the desk will only provoke them to be louder!
How long have they loved you? They them count the ways ... one (snort), two (snort} ...

Movie Equivalent Rating:

Marilyn Monroe
I wanna be loved by you, just you and nobody else but you ...
Strutting out of no where, Marilyn will flirt (tastefully) her way into the hearts of all present.
She needs a new Mr. President and this guy would be perfect. You know?
Movie Equivalent Rating:G

Austin Powers
Yeah, Baby, Yeah!
Your gonna have a groovy time when Austin shows up full of Mojo to take that girl on a shagadelic ride.
Movie Equivalent Rating:G

Miss Preggo
A twist on our nerd.
Miss Preggo has arrived and BOY!! is she not a happy camper!
13 months now she has been pregnant (or however long works best) and she has had enough. Time to show this louse for who he really is!
Movie Equivalent Rating:PG

Male Ring Girl
Tired of all those buxom beauties strutting around a ring?
Yeah us too!
This girl has it all big chest, long hair, hairy legs, what more could a new up and coming fighter ask for?
Movie Equivalent Rating:PG

Captain Jack
So ... You think you can survive the curse of the Black Pearl?
Have Captain Jack come and tell you all about it, Savvy .... mate!
Movie Equivalent Rating:G

Old Bag Lady
You think you got it bad??!!
Let this old bag lady tell you how good you have it, give ya some lessons on the 10 best ways to live longer.
Young pups, what do they know anyway, well when she their age ...
Movie Equivalent Rating:G

It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's your birthday and Superman is gonna teach you how to be a Superguy!
Movie Equivalent Rating:G

Gorilla to Tarzan/Jane
Imagine this, a giant monkey dancing with the "victim", when suddenly the gloves come off ..... what's going to happen...
"HAVEABANANA" just like magic Out pops Tarzan or Jane, they have come to take the birthday boy/girl back to the jungle with them.
This one is very interactive and generally involves a chair
That's it that's all I am telling you
Movie Equivalent Rating:G

Personal Trainer
Get off that chair! Drop and give him 1! This guy is gonna "Pump you up!!"
Movie Equivalent Rating:G

Pregnant Nun
Oh Goodness Gracious, look what cha done now.
Movie Equivalent Rating:R

What better way to say I love you then to have Cupid come strutting in to the office, shooting someone with an arrow, and crooning sweet words in dulcet tones.
Candies and flowers will be forgotten, this messenger never will.
*Candy and flowers are an additional charge.
Movie Equivalent Rating:G

Singing Heart
If Cupid is just a little much, try our singing heart!
Movie Equivalent Rating:G

Casanova/Kissing Bandit
How much does he love you? Let him count the ways! Run away with Casanova, to be loved forever, to be treated like a Queen! Chu no, life cold not get better.
Movie Equivalent Rating:G

How could this beauty not dance his way into your heart!
Movie Equivalent Rating:G

Fat Tony
So, you think you got what it takes?
You think you can challenge our Tony?
Well say hello to our little friend!
Movie Equivalent Rating:PG

Blow Up Doll
Where have you been?
Just cuz your getting married now, doesn't mean this relationship is over does it?
This upset doll is perfect for Stag's!
Movie Equivalent Rating:R

Singing telegrams include a bouquet of balloons,
custom song (depending on character).
We try to gather as much information as we can to personalize the experience.

The shows last between 10-15 minutes. Enough time to make an impression, but not to over stay our welcome.

You can check out the questions and have friends and family help with the answers

Remember the more information we have, the funnier it will be.
These mini shows are not scripted as no 2 people are alike, so if there is a special scenario you would like, please just let us know.

Character Gram Balloon Delivery

Unlike the Singing Telegram, this is a very quick way to show how much you care.
You can choose a variety of cartoon characters
This works well with the younger ones.

Character grams include a bouquet of balloons,
"Happy Birthday" or "Jolly Good Fellow" .

Balloon Delivery
Give the smile that only balloons can bring.
A large bouquet of balloons can be delivered anywhere in the city.

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