Games / Challenges

Exciting and FUN!

Bucket Brigade

Hilarious Family Fun! – Tremendous Fund Raiser!

Indoors or Out – No need for long hoses or excessive water usage.

Going – Going – Gone!

Who’s next? Dunk Tank!

Cash Grabs

Reach-In! • Stand-in! • Jump-in!

Great for many types of events as you can circulate money or coupons.
Place your money, coupons, or any light paper product in the booth with a participant and watch the fun begin.

A great party or trades show booth attraction. Many styles to Choose From.

Is this a Party or Part-Tee

Reach-In! • Stand-in! • Jump-in!

9 and 18 hole courses available!

Miniature Golf can be used inside or outside and is a perfect game for any party or event. All ages!

Goofy Golf

Inflatable 9 hole Course.

Players must putt around or over each of the foam obstacles!

The Race is On!!

Ever imagined how silly it would look to see adults racing around on giant tricycles? Imagine no more as you mount our sturdy adult-sized Wacky Trikes or Giant Tricycle and race your competitors to the finish line. Wacky Trikes are safe and fun for all ages and are sure to be a highlight at your next special event. Loads of fun to watch too!

Dimensions 30′ w*45’L*10’H

High Striker

A high striker, also known as the Test of Strength, or Strong person game!

As Seen on Canada’s Handyman Challenge

The TeeBreeze High Striker as seen on Canada’s Handyman Challenge. Host Jenn Roberston and Judges Scott McGillivray, Paul Lafrance, and Bryan Baeumler traveled to Calgary where they met savvy contestants “pitching” their pre-made plywood project. The Judges selected a roster of the top ten handymen! This top ten’s first challenge is to build a functioning mallet for a TeeBreeze High Striker Game! The Judges gave the contestants two hours to complete the challenge and once all the dust settles three contestants were eliminated!

Hot Potato!

Pass the ball along the airstream without dropping it!

Airshot Target Shooting Challenge

Test your shooting skills. This fun interactive game tests participant’s ability to shoot a moving target.

Guests use a ‘Nerf-style’ air pump launcher that shoots small foam balls to hit a floating plastic play ball out of an air stream.

This fun activity will entertain and challenge guests of all ages!

Inflatable Baseball Batting Cage

10′ x 13′ x 10′

Score a home run! This fun interactive game tests the participant’s baseball swing and hand-eye coordination.

Your guests attempt to hit a small waffle ball that is floating in an airstream – into the backdrop of this cool new baseball game!

Baseball Speed Pitch

Test your speed Challenge your friends!

Hose Hockey!

Excuse me Mr. Gretzky, Mr. Lemieux, no cross-checking, please!

Hose Hockey is the latest craze to hit the Carnival Market. Two teams of three or four players play on a 12′ x 5′ inflatable. Each participant directs a hose that is blasting a strong stream of air. Players work in teams and direct their hoses at a Nerf style ball. The ball flies around the table keeping everyone involved. The object is to blow the ball down the table to your teammate and into the goal. There are six hoses and two goalie positions.

The game is extremely fast-moving and high scoring.

This is a perfect game for team building, company picnics, or any event that might have limited space. Over 100 participants can play per hour!

All-Star Basketball

9′ x 9′ x 8′

Mini All-Star Basketball an inflatable Version of the Arcade Classic! Uses mini basketballs!

Partygoers will enjoy hours of fun shooting at this tough little game.

Perfect for all types of parties and special events

Giant Basketball

6′ x 6′ x 9′

“A little Game of One on One?? ……… How Bout A GIANT GAME!

14′ Tri-sided Game inflatable!

big Big BIG Fun!

Includes Frisbee toss – ball toss – Velcro darts
All Ages of fun!


Use Air stream To Pop The ball through the hoop!

Skee Ball!

Giant Version Of Carnival Classic Skee Ball!

Played with Mini Basketballs!


12′x 13′ x 18′

Same great game but now on an inflatable cushion of air!

Fun to Watch Fun to Play! Hysterical Laughter!

Soccer / Sports Field

14′ x 30′

Instant Soccer Field! Pick your team – defend your net!

Inflatable or Foam Ball Pits!


Bounce N Ball Pit

11.7′ x 8.2′ x 7′


Giant Full Court Press

16’3”L x 15’2”W x 18’3”H

Giant TriCourt Press


Balloon Typhoon

Kids enter a colorful world of swirling, flying balloons

Gladiator Joust

25′ x 25′ x 4
Very popular with Junior and Senior High age groups!

4 person Joust allows a high volume of players throughout your event!

Giant Boxing!

And In This Corner……….

“Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!”


Ah-So! You Want to Play!

Best fitting for teens and adults – the laughter won’t stop when the sumo suits come out.

Get your Cameras Ready!

Great Picture Opportunity!

Knock Your Block Off!

Challenge your opponent to Knock Your Block Off!

Heads Velcro on and need to be knocked off with the Joust Pole.

Great for any family party or social event!

Foot Brawler

The object is to have one Foot Brawler be designated the runner by Velcro attaching a flat football…and the other Foot Brawler(s) be the tackler(s) in a 3-5yard End zone dive play…Players cannot run very fast…movements are more like quick feet of a Flintstones shuffle. The object would be for the Foot Brawler Tackler (Defender) to either bump the Runner over on their side or bump them out of bounds. Another method of competition could be like a bumper derby where the Foot Brawlers try to bumper each other over on their side or out of bounds with the winner the last one standing. Get the cameras out for these competitions….

No Special Mats are required like in Sumo Wrestling…since each player is completely protected in an inflatable cocoon from shoulders to mid-knee that is easy to get into and out of.
Different sizes are adjusted for by adding/subtracting single and double tubes by a wrap-around heavy-duty #10 plastic zipper.
Each Foot Brawler is a One Size Fits All Design!

Pony Racers

TeeBreeze Pony Racers steal the show every time.

Great for indoor and outdoor events!

If you grew up with Hippity Hops in the 70’s you will have flashbacks of the fun you had!

Played indoors or On Grass! Comes Package of 4 Horses

Quarter Back Challenge!

He Shoots, He Scores!

Always Time for Hockey!

This goalie can be ran manually or set to automatic to defend the goal. Age has no bearing here!

He shoots – and it’s another amazing save!

Double Jacobs Ladder Inflatable – Fireman’s Crawl

Classic and VERY Challenging!

With the Jacob’s ladder inflatable game, players attempt to climb the ladder all the way to the top with no support but their own balance!

Velcro Wall

Participants wear a jump suit made of Velcro, run and jump towards the fully inflated wall!

Bungee Run

Adrenalin RUSH!

TeeBreeze Head to Head Bungee Run will give you all the Rush you want!

Two contestants wear a harness with a giant bungee cord attached. As they run down the runway, the participants try to place Velcro markers at the furthest point possible before the cord pulls them back.

8′ W x 32′ L

Pit Stop Challenge!

All the energy of stock car racing brought to your event!
This is a GREAT interactive unit for a 2-4 person pit crew. Racing against a clock, see who can remove the tires and replace them in the fastest time!

Inflatable Carnival Tent

Perfect Carnival or Trade Show Booth
Keep the Sun Out or simply use to draw attention to your Space!

Sky Dancers!

Show them where the party is with Sky Dancers!

Movie Screen

12’7″wide x 8’11″high x 149″diagonal Small Event

Bring all your favorite movies to the BIG screen without the hassle of conventional screens. The movie screen lifts straight out of its durable bag and in minutes it’s ready to show movies, TV shows, video presentations, and more. the movie screen is convenient, portable, and simple. A small fan pumps up the frame in minutes and keeps it inflated.

Great for indoors as well!

Comes Complete with Projector and Sound Amp!

We also carry concessions for any event!

All Your Event Needs!

Supplies, machines, inflatables, entertainment, movies screens, climbing systems, photo booths, tents, shows, laser tag, gaming systems, props, telegrams, Djs, Karaoke, seasonal themes…. at TeeBreeze we really do have anything you need. 🙂

"Just wanted to let you know, everyone was very happy with the performance! We had a blast kudos to him 🙂 and thank you once again."

Kate - Calgary Metals


"I just wanted to thank you very much for being so generous with both my preschool and Earl Grey school. The kids had so much fun.  The Dunk tank was a huge hit!!!  Have a great summer and we will book you for our next year-end activities"

Jennifer S. - Earl Grey School


"That was amazing! I can’t believe the kids sat in one place for 40 minutes!! You truly do perform magic!"

Linda - Calgary


"That was amazing! I can’t believe the kids sat in one place for 40 minutes!! You truly do perform magic!"

Linda - Calgary


“Thank you for coming to our son’s 5th birthday party, you not only made his day but you kept the parents entertained as well.”

Rhonda & Mark - Cochrane


"The party was a HUGE success!  Wanted to let you know that your drivers were AWESOME and give them a shout out J Will definitely use you again!"

Michelle G.


"Thank you.  The event went very well, and our families loved the bouncer, obstacle course, and the mini-golf. Your staff were professional and helpful, so again thank you for helping to make our day a success."

Cindy - CanLearn Centre


"Thanks again for doing such a wonderful job for us. You guys are the best!"

Danielle N.


"Just wanted to say Thanks for everything on Friday. You did a great job and everyone said they had a fun time! Hope you guys had a safe trip home .  🙂"

Cherilyn - Camrose Association For Community Living


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